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Juicing Vs. Blending For Liquid Nutrition Benefits!

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Do you actually absorb the vitamins and minerals from the food you eat and the supplements you pay extra for or do you just go thru the motions ... and continue to gain the pounds and still feel weak and tired?  Juicing and blending is the best way to get all the nutrition, minerals and phytochemicals your body needs and deserves. 

Nutrition Facts

There are many reasons you may be getting robbed of your vitamins, minerals and all of the other benefits you think you are getting from your supplements.

Do you question whether you are really getting the true benefits of juicing and blending?

You need every bit of the beneficial ingredients found in these foods, but in liquid form ... liquids especially in this day and age. Vitamins, minerals, important enzymes, phytochemicals and even herbs may be derailed from getting absorbed into your system altogether.

You've paid for them and you deserve the benefits of every one of them.  This is accomplished only thru breaking down the fruits and vegetables into a liquid form.  Blending vs Juicing is the best method for accomplishing this goal.  Juicing alone is great, but the fiber which is thrown away may be the one thing you don't want to do. 

Juicing juicer recipes by blending and retaining the pulp and fiber has many advantages. The pulp and fiber contain tons of valuable nutrients and should not be tossed away. The right equipment can liquify and break down the cell structure of whole foods to the point that enables them to be well absorbed into our systems.  The benefit is enormous.  We offer juice recipes for our viewers.

Most likely, I am sorry to say, you are missing out and wasting your hard-earned money. All of us attempt to ingest healthy food, but our hectic lifestyle and hurried pace circumvent much of this from ever happening.

There are so many distractions to keep us off tract from these most valuable nutritional benefits. Liquid Nutrition is the most important element to focus upon.  We here at Liquid Nutrition Plus want to help our viewers stay focused on what's important... your health!  Our juice recipes taste great and are incredibly healthy.

Sugar is in everything that tastes good to us and we are tempted to let our guard down constantly. Fast food places are everywhere and lure us in to break our promises to ourselves. It is very difficult to deal with daily and we understand that. That's why our juice recipes are vital  to the cause.  Instead of buying sodas and fast foods, learn to blend and juice our delicious juicer recipes and healthy juice recipes.

With all of this happening, most of us just can't get enough nutrition on a daily basis... at least not as much as we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Soil Depletion:

It has been well documented that our soil does not produce all of the nutrients that it should like when our parents and grandparents grew up. Our produce just does not contain all the necessary nutrients we need anymore.

There have been reports after reports confirming this to be true.
The only reliable way to get the most out of healthy food sources is to go organic or if you are lucky and live in a rural area... farmers who are careful not to use chemicals could be your best friends... ask around for sources like this. 

You will be way ahead of the game and on your way to better health.  If you can blend our juice recipes with organic whole foods, that would be the ultimate path to better health and vitality

Besides that, the pesticides used in non organic farming today have ruined the soil filling it with contaminants that are toxic to our bodies. Vegetables and fruits are depleted of the rich sources of nutrients they used to possess in past years. The soil is never allowed to rest and rejuvenate.

Rotation of crops is just not economical to our detriment. Vitamin pills are touted as the answer, but studies have proven that most of what we swallow doesn't even get into our blood stream and sometimes doesn't dissolve at all and we just pass it through our bodies almost intact without dissolving.  Juicing juice recipes by blending is the optimum method for overcoming this dilemma.

Absorption is the key to all of this. Blending juice to obtain liquid nutrition is the only real answer to this problem.

Liquid Nutrition Plus, makes available, nutrition in liquid form on our website. We offer up to date solutions and resources to direct you down the right path to better health through blending juice to liquid nutrition state.

Only about 10% - 20% of the nutrients in vitamin pills ever get into your system... and astounding fact to consider. The cost is almost a complete waste of hard-earned money.

As stated in previous articles, pills are densely packed, preventing them from breaking down and dissolving in our bodies. They fail to get absorbed. We get no benefit from nutrients in pill form.

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Red Wine And Your Gut? (Interesting Study Results)

by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of best-sellers: 

The Fat-Burning Kitchen
& The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

You've probably heard that red wine can be a very healthy drink option, but you most likely only heard about generic benefits of the antioxidants and resveratrol in red wine. 

But here's another MAJOR reason below why red wine in moderation (1-2 glasses per day max) can be a super healthy part of your routine.  I personally have really grown to enjoy having a glass of red wine with dinner about 4-5 days per week.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Am J Clin Nutr. 2012;95:1323-1334) reported that people who drank 2 glasses of red wine per day (dry red wine, not sugary dessert wines) had higher levels of beneficial bacteria in their gut and lower levels of pathogenic bad bacteria in their gut.  This is great news as you know from reading this newsletter how vastly important your gut flora balance is to everything from your digestion, immunity, metabolism, skin health, and much more.

The study concluded that while red wine consumption decreased pathogenic bacteria in the gut, it actually had a prebiotic effect in the gut in that it supported the growth and colonies of healthy gut microbes which protect your health.

But the powerful health benefits of red wine don't stop there...

Another exciting part of this study is that the red wine drinkers also decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and CRP (C-reactive protein).  CRP is a measure of overall inflammation in your body, so it's great to see an association between red wine and reduced inflammation.

The interesting part of the study is that red wine was compared against equivalent servings of gin (equivalent alcohol serving) and none of the benefits mentioned above were seen in the group consuming the gin.  This means the benefits were probably related to the polyphenols and resveratrol in red wine and not necessarily the alcohol content itself, although there is likely a synergistic effect of the alcohol and other compounds in red wine since the group receiving de-alcoholized red wine got less of a blood pressure benefit.

You can choose Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz or any other dry red wine to get all of these powerful health benefits of the unique polyphenols and resveratrol.

Note that white wine also has some health benefits but not nearly as powerful as red wine due to the lower antioxidant levels. 

Another benefit of red wine not mentioned in the study above is that some studies show that red wine consumed with a meal can slow and moderate the blood sugar response you get from that meal.  This is yet another benefit to keeping your hormones balanced, lowering insulin levels, controlling appetite, and staying lean!

As you can see, there's plenty of reasons raise a glass of red wine at your meals and toast to your health and happiness!  After all, I've seen several stories on the news where they ask a centenarian how they're so healthy over the age of 100, and one of the answers they seem to frequently give is that they have one glass of red wine per day.


Although red wine may be a super-healthy choice for a lean, healthy, & strong body as well as keeping your digestive system healthy…

On the next page, I want to share with you exactly why you should STOP eating whole wheat bread, vegetable oil, sugar, soy, and even some ‘heart healthy’ foods, as well as how these foods are silently KILLING you and your family.

Click the ‘next page’ link below to discover how these foods are destroying your health, causing weight gain, & accelerating aging.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!
A Joe Cross Film

Drink This First Think in the Morning...

This daily trick can help you detoxify, improve your digestion and boost your metabolism & energy levels

by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of the best seller: The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging
  Feb, 16, 2016 


You're bombarded with toxins in today's modern world... everywhere from the polluted air you breathe, the water you drink, the shampoos and other cosmetics that lather your body with chemicals, and of course, all of the chemical additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other harmful compounds in the food that you eat.

All of these TOXINS can have harmful effects on your body, harming your metabolism and hormones, impairing your digestive system, and zapping your energy levels.

If I could tell you ONE thing that you could do each morning right as you wake up to help your body eliminate some of these toxins, improve your digestion, stimulate your metabolism, and BOOST your energy, would you do it?

Of course you would... and it takes less than 1 minute!

Here's the trick...

Immediately upon waking each day, squeeze about 1/2 to 1 full lemon (depending on size of the lemon) into an 8 oz glass of warm or room temperature purified water.  This is gentler on your body first thing in the morning compared to ice cold water.  I've found that slicing the lemon into quarters before squeezing by hand is easier than squeezing halves.

Drink this at least 10 minutes before eating any food for the day.

Make sure to use fresh organic lemons to make this drink, and not bottled lemon juice.  You want to use organic lemons to avoid the pesticides that can accumulate.

3 Major benefits of this morning drink to your body, health, and energy:

According to a leading health publication, TheAlternativeDaily.com:

"The health promoting benefits of lemons are powerful. For centuries, it has been known that lemons contain powerful antibacterial, antiviral and immune boosting components. We know that lemons are a great digestive aid and liver cleanser. 

Lemons contain citric acid, magnesium, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, calcium and limonene, which supercharge our immunity so that the body can fight infection.

Lemons are considered one of the most alkalizing foods you can eat. This may seem untrue as they are acidic on their own. However, in the body, lemons are alkaline; the citric acid does not create acidity once it has been metabolized. The minerals in lemons are actually what helps to alkalize the blood.  Most people are too acidic (from eating too much sugar and grains), and drinking warm lemon water helps reduce overall acidity, drawing uric acid from the joints.

This reduces the pain and inflammation which many people feel. And the American Cancer Society recommends warm lemon water to encourage regular bowel movements."

Benefits that you can enjoy:

1. Improves your digestion:

Lemon juice helps your body improve digestion and stimulates bile production. Lemon juice can even be an aid for heartburn and indigestion.

2. Boosts your energy for the day:

Even just the scent of lemon juice has been shown to improve your mood and energy levels, and reduce anxiety.  Plus the detoxifying effect and alkalizing effect of fresh organic lemon juice can improve your energy through the removal of toxins from your body.

3. Helps you to lose fat:

Since lemon juice helps to improve your digestive system, aids in removal of toxins, and increases your energy levels, this all combines together to help you to lose body fat as well through improving your hormonal balance... Yet another reason to add warm lemon water to your daily morning routine!

That's a pretty simple trick, right?

Now for the great news...

Here's what you should do next...

I want to share with you how to find plenty of delicious foods, spices, herbs, and nutrients that:

  • Naturally boost your energy, 
  • KILL joint pain,
  • Lower your blood pressure,
  • Fight diabetes & control blood sugar,
  • Boost your brain health,
  • HEAL your digestion problems,
  • and Boost your metabolism on the next page!

You will also discover over a dozen surprising tricks you can use daily to FIGHT aging, helping you to look 5-10 years YOUNGER... click the button below to go to the next page to discover unique and delicious anti-aging foods, spices, herbs, teas, and other potent youth-enhancing nutrients:

Can You Drink Alcohol And Still
Stay Lean?

alcohol drink7 Tips to Still Enjoy Social Drinking and Stay Lean at the Same Time

by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of best-sellers:  

The Fat Burning Kitchen
& The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

This topic seems to be a common struggle I hear from a lot of people... They want to get lean, but they don't want to give up drinking alcohol.

Now, I'm not talking about alcoholic type of drinking (THAT is obviously a problem)... we're just talking moderate social drinking here.

First, although some people may willingly choose to give up alcohol entirely, I still think most of us can drink in moderation, and still stay perfectly healthy and lean.  But there are a few tricks that can help you to not pack on the pounds... and I'll mention those in a little bit.

As for myself, it comes down to choosing what I'm going to be strict about to maintain my fitness lifestyle and what I'm not going to be strict about.

For example, I'm pretty strict about never eating anything deep fried or made with trans fats, never eating white bread, and never drinking sodas or sweetened soft drinks of any kind... but I'll admit that one thing I've chosen to not be strict about is drinking alcohol.  What... a fitness pro admits that he drinks and is not a fitness "robot" 24/7... No way!

Well yes, it's true... I'm 38 now and I certainly don't drink as frequently as I did back in my crazy college days (man those college days were fun!), but I'll certainly enjoy some cold ones when hanging out with friends, going to a barbeque or dinner party, or during a night out at the bars with friends. And I love having a glass or two of red wine along with a nice dinner!

It's all about balance in your life, and not every aspect has to be "perfect" in order for you to still get the body and health that you want. You'll drive yourself crazy if you're trying to be perfect.

Of course, if you have no problem abstaining from alcohol and willingly make that decision, then that can certainly be the best thing for your health if you're the type that has a hard time controlling portions.

However, for the rest of us, that actually do like to partake in some social drinking, here are a few tips that have helped me to stay single-digit body fat lean, while still drinking alcohol occasionally.

TIP 1. Obviously alcohol gives you extra empty calories on the days that you choose to drink. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram for carbs and protein, and 9 calories per gram for fats. 

However unlike ingesting carbs, protein, or healthy fats from a healthy food source, drinking alcohol gives you LOTS of calories with very little micronutrients (the exception to this is red wine and dark beers, both of which do have reasonable levels of micronutrients).

On nights that I know are going to involve some drinking, it helps to make sure that dinner is based only around protein and vegetables. You're going to take in a lot of empty calories with the alcohol, so eating a good portion of appetite-satisfying protein along with nutrient-rich vegetables can help to control your appetite and give your body the nutrients it needs.

Plus, most importantly, there's just no room for loads of carbohydrate-rich foods if you're also going to be consuming alcohol. Carbs + alcohol is a perfect recipe for growing a beer belly!  Try to keep that evening meal a fairly low-carb meal to save yourself from extra empty calories.

TIP 2. If you want to save your body from adding layers of ugly fat, by all means stay away from syrupy, fruity drinks that are loaded with sugar... this is a double whammy for your gut as you're not only getting all of the empty alcohol calories, but also loads of empty sugar calories. Big fruity drinks such as a big syrupy margarita, or other tropical fruity drinks can sometimes have as much as 500-600 calories per serving and 70-100 grams of sugar!

Quick tip on margaritas:  I don't know about you, but I love margaritas.  However, most margaritas have loads of sugar from the sour mix. If you want to get a super low sugar and lower calorie margarita, what you need to do is ask the bartender to make your margarita with ONLY tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice, and NO sour mix (which is usually made from corn syrup).  I think it tastes better anyway than a normal sugary margarita.  If you like margaritas and want a healthier way to drink them, check out my healthy Super-Human Margarita recipe!

Next point... and I don't think this even needs to be mentioned, but if you care about your body, any drink that uses soda pop as the mixer is going to be loaded with sugar (usually high fructose corn syrup) and calories.

Instead, your best bet is to stick with a clear alcohol mixed with club soda (NOT tonic) and a squeeze of lime or lemon (hey, at least you get a little vitamin C and antioxidants with the squeeze of lemon and lime!).  Vodka with club soda and extra lemon and/or lime squeeze is my drink of choice if I'm not drinking red wine.

Stay away from tonic water mixers! Some people don't realize this, but tonic water is loaded with almost as much sugar as regular soda pop... on the other hand, club soda has no calories at all. It's clearly the lowest calorie way to drink.

TIP 3. If you're going to drink beer, you're better off choosing just 1 or 2 dark beers rather than 5 or 6 light beers.  Sure, dark beers have more calories than light beers, but dark beers also have more B vitamins and antioxidants than light beers, so you actually get more nutrition from the dark beer.  As long as you keep it to just 1 or 2 dark beers, you may still stay within 150-300 calories.

Generally, it also takes a little longer to drink a good dark beer compared to a watery light beer too.

TIP 4.  Try to get in a high intensity full body workout before your night out of drinking. If you do this, at least you've revved up your metabolism and have your body processing calories a little faster.

Also, trying to get in some sort of exercise the morning after your night out can also help to get your body back to a good state of health. This may not be your best workouts in terms of energy, but it can help to just get your body moving and break a sweat, and get back to a good homeostasis.

TIP 5. Avoid the late-night munchies after a night of drinking! This is where most people do the biggest damage to their waistlines.

Instead, make sure to have some lean protein and vegetables quickly available at home (perhaps some pre-cooked chicken breasts, grass-fed steaks, or even tuna fish and some veggie sticks) so that you can satisfy your late night post-party appetite with lean protein instead of carbohydrates.  Veggies and protein is the key here.

The worst thing for your body is loading up on pizza, ice cream, and other carb-rich junk after a night out of drinking.

TIP 6. If you drink multiple drinks socially, try to keep drinking alcohol to only 1-2 days/week maximum if you want to stay lean. On the other hand, if you never drink more than 1-2 drinks per day, I think having 1-2 drinks daily with a meal can still be part of a healthy lifestyle. As long as those calories are accounted for and you still stay within your daily caloric maintenance.

TIP 7. Wine is one of the healthier drink choices... if you must have a drink, you might as well choose wine so you at least get a good dose of antioxidants as well. Red wine is known for it's antioxidant content, however even white wines contain some antioxidants as well... white wines just aren't quite as high in antioxidants as red wines. 

Hey, if you can get a little resveratrol while enjoying your company, why not!

What about hangovers?

Ok, so you went a little overboard and drank too much.  Now you might be facing a hangover the next morning.  Well, I can't personally verify whether this works or not, but I have 2 friends in particular that swear by taking this whole-foods based vitamin, VGF25+ 
(this stands for 25+ veggies, greens, and fruits) before they go to bed, and they claim that it almost always prevents a hangover the next morning if they remember to take it before going to bed.

And finally, like I mentioned before, drinking alcohol just adds one more thing to your list that you have to work against in getting the body you want.

Abstaining may always be the best choice, BUT we also need to be realistic and know that social drinking is not something that most people are willing to give up entirely.

For that reason, this list of tips to help manage social drinking in a healthier way can really help you to stay leaner and healthier and still balance a little bit of social drinking into your life.

Lastly, check out this delicious resource for healthy drinks that
are low in calories

**Feel free to share this article with your friends and family that may be interested in finding a way to stay leaner and still enjoy a few drinks.

Absorption (Con't)

Now, if you consider liquid nutrition, this liquid form of vitamins and minerals plus many other nutrients gets into your system immediately upon digestion and the effects are much more beneficially absorbed. They must be all natural, no chemicals of course; this way our bodies can digest the natural liquid vitamins much faster with less effort.

Just about every nation, worldwide is becoming aware of the real benefits of liquid nutrition. There are many quality products available today. These excellent products were not available to our ancestors. We must take advantage of this opportunity and get healthy nutrition back into our systems. We can stay healthy and also look and stay younger and live longer as well.

This will astound you. When you drink liquid nutrition and your digestive tract is functioning properly, you will absorb up to 90% of the nutrients. Some of our manufacturers claim to have as many as 200 plus natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their products. In liquid form, you can get them all... up to 90%.

Remember, always read the label... if you can't pronounce it, you don't want it in your body. Also, the ingredients must be 100% natural and organic if possible. All ingredients must be pesticide free and free of toxins.

We will be informing our viewers of the many quality companies available who are offering great products and supplements in liquid form... liquid nutrition.

We will also find companies who are willing to help with discounts on their products. We may start a co-op organization as well. If anyone out there is interested in joining a liquid nutrition plus type co-op, please drop us a line. Go to Liquid Nutrition Plus Dot Com and leave a comment for us. If we have a good enough response, we will make a sincere effort to put this in the planning stage.

It always pays to treat your body with the best liquid nutrition available today. You only have one body... Give it the best liquid nutrition possible. Give your body Nutrition in Liquid Form. Treat yourself to the best.

Stay tuned! If you want to know more about liquid nutrition, please visit us and please spread the word to your friends on Twitter and FaceBook:


Have a great day!


3 Tricks to Make Yours Super Healthy

Here's why coffee can be extremely GOOD for you if you do it right!

by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer
Author of best-sellers:  

The Fat Burning Kitchen & The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

coffee can be healthyMmm, coffee... almost everybody drinks it... some people have 3-4 cups per day or more. 

But most people don't think of it as a "health drink".  And it's certainly NOT healthy the way most people make it with loads of added sugar or artificial sweeteners and artificial creamers.

But I'll give you my tips here on how I make a healthier cup of coffee and what to watch out for...

First, you may have seen debate in the past about how coffee has some compounds in it that could have negative health effects such as small amounts of acrylamides or other possibly harmful compounds in brewed coffee.  But, the good news is that coffee has such high concentrations of beneficial antioxidants, phenolic nutrients, chlorogenic acids, and other healthy compounds, that it more than counteracts any bad compounds. 

In fact, coffee provides the biggest source of antioxidants for most Americans... although that mostly has to do with the fact that many Americans don't get enough antioxidants from fruits and veggies, so coffee ends up being their biggest source.  You should try to diversify your sources of antioxidants from fruits, veggies, spices, herbs, berries, beans, unsweetened organic cocoa, teas, and yes, even coffee if you like it.

So what's the best way to make a healthy cup of coffee?  Well, here's my 3 most important tricks to maximize the benefits of coffee and minimize the negatives:

1.  First of all, you need to AVOID adding any refined sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners

What I do instead is use either a very small touch of organic maple syrup or a half packet of natural stevia to just lightly sweeten my coffee.  I've also become a big fan of coconut sugar recently, and this is healthier than plain sugar because it does contain some minerals and other nutrients, and has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.   On the other hand, if you like your coffee black with no sweetener at all, that's the healthiest way.

If you're getting your coffee at a coffee shop, make sure to avoid all of those fancy specialty coffees (sweetened flavored lattes, frappuccinos, etc) as they are almost ALWAYS loaded with extra sugars or artificial sweeteners.  Some of those fancy coffee drinks at Starbucks or other coffee shops can have 300-400 calories in just one coffee!  Definitely not good for your body or your blood sugar or insulin levels. 

A latte or cappucino can be okay as long as you make sure to ask for it unsweetened, and then use your own stevia if you need a light sweet taste.  Since almost every coffee shop only has either sugar or artificial sweeteners as options, I always carry packets of stevia on me when I know I might be getting coffee at a coffee shop on a particular day.

2.  You also should try to AVOID at all costs any of those terrible artificial creamers (liquid or powder), which are usually made with corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils (harmful trans fats).  Instead, use a little bit of REAL full-fat cream (organic grass-fed if you can find it, as the CLA and vitamin K2 in grass-fed cream can be very healthy).  The brand that I've found at many grocery stores is Organic Valley and they have an option for a pasture-raised cream that is really good!

Or, if I can't get grass-fed cream, what I've also been using for a while now is coconut cream as one of the healthiest creamer alternatives.  I get this by buying cans of organic coconut milk, and then after opening the can (shake the can well before opening), I store the coconut milk in the fridge in a container.  Note that the cans of coconut milk are much creamier and better as a coffee creamer than those cartons of "coconut milk drink" which are just watered down coconut milk.

The thick creamy coconut milk is the healthiest option for coffee creamer because it's loaded with super healthy saturated fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are known to boost your immune system and your metabolism!  Plus, coconut milk in coffee is just plain delicious!  It's the best healthy creamer option by far aside from just using real grass-fed dairy cream.

When people visit my house and we make a pot of coffee, many times I'll have them try the coconut cream in their coffee and almost everyone always comments how much they love it!

3.  If you want to load your coffee up with more healthy antioxidants and good taste, consider trying some added cinnamon to your coffee (cinnamon can help control blood sugar and has many other health benefits).  It's also really tasty in coffee!

I also occasionally like to add a teaspoon of organic cocoa powder (non-sweetened) to my coffee to make my own sort of mocha coffee (but without the loads of sugar in a typical mocha you'd get at the coffee shop, so just use a little stevia to sweeten).  The added cocoa powder also gives you great taste and a good dose of extra healthy antioxidants (and cocoa is also known for helping to lower blood pressure!)

I personally only drink 1 cup of coffee per day, because I don't want to overdose on caffeine and don't want to get addicted to caffeine like some people are.  Also, excessive amounts of caffeine can cause adrenal fatigue over time in some people.  I usually even mix my beans half regular and half decaf to reduce the caffeine amount per cup.   

I see people that drink 3-4 cups per day that get a massive headache if they don't have their daily coffee due to caffeine withdrawal.  I choose to avoid this addiction by only drinking 1 cup per day max.  I drink various teas like green, oolong, black, and white teas at other times, which are much lower in caffeine.  Or I like to use rooibos or other herbal teas many times which have no caffeine at all.

But despite the caffeine content, there is loads of data that show the high antioxidant levels and health benefits to coffee. 

Lastly, it's extremely important to choose organic coffee beans, as conventional coffee is one of the most heavily treated crops with pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.  Remember that one of the many health risks with these chemicals is that some pesticides can act as "xenoestrogens" in your body, disrupting hormone balance for both men and women.  Chronic xenoestrogen exposure can also be one cause of "stubborn abdominal fat" in both sexes as well as "man boobs" in men... so choose organic as often as you can with most foods, but especially with coffee!

Enjoy your coffee and these additions that we talked about in this article, knowing that it can actually do your body good in moderation! 



Although coffee can be a super-healthy choice for a lean, healthy, & strong body as well as keeping your digestive system healthy…if you follow the tips you just learned...

On the next page, I want to share with you exactly why you should STOP eating foods like whole wheat bread, vegetable oil, sugar, soy, and even some ‘heart healthy’ foods, as well as how these foods are silently KILLING you and your family.

Click the ‘next page’ link below to discover how these foods are destroying your health, causing weight gain, & accelerating aging.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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