Juicing Vs. Blending

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Juicing vs Blending

Juicing vs. Blending explained ... Liquid Nutrition!

Still the buzz word and always will be... Liquid Nutrition Plus dot com is about liquid nutrition, liquid minerals, liquid vitamins and liquid supplements.

The last post to Liquid Nutrition Plus talked about our goals and the body balance needed for good health. Balance is crucial for all of the body’s functions to work according to its original design.

Remember, if your body balance is in an alkaline state, this is the healthiest environment for your body to be in.  An acidic state or environment encourages the growth of free radicals which could be a breeding ground for cancer. (See previous post for more information)

Vitamins/Minerals... Supplements... Are they better or?

Liquid nutrition can be found in many of the recently discovered juice drinks and liquid nutrition drinks.  Most of these discoveries are scientifically backed and have been proven to have valuable substances which either help in the area of aging, pumping up the immune system, offering anti inflammatory relief, fighting free radicals and so on.  

Oddly enough, some of these miracle liquid juices have been around for centuries in countries like China, Japan, India, and Tibet and so on.  People in these regions have been drinking these liquids and teas all of their lives and so did their ancestors.

In future post, we will be looking into some of the more popular liquid nutrition juices and drinks... Nutrients, or should we say, lack of nutrients, is the real problem today.  We must understand that we are not getting the real vitamin rich and mineral rich nutrients from our food any longer.  This lack is critical to our health.  

We are deficient in these areas and in order to regain our health as a society, we must change our way of thinking and take action.  We believe there will be a movement toward backyard vegetable garden in the future where no pesticides or toxic fertilizers will be used by the home owner. 

Organic gardening will make a strong comeback once people realize how important getting these nutrients, vitamins and minerals back into their systems... and that of their children.  The goal here at Liquid Nutrition Plus is to get the word out and encourage this mentality ... one viewer at a time.

Our crops are grown in soil depleted of these rich minerals and nutrients.  Our ancestors were wise and knew that they had better rotate their fields and also include resting the earth in between plantings.

Our soil has been depleted of these vital health benefits for over 50-60 years.  Farming has become corporate and the small farmer has in most cases been pushed aside. 

The only way to counteract this lack of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is by supplementing them with viable sources rich in them.  We still need them to sustain a healthy life style. 

Of course Liquid Nutrition Plus believes that the best way to introduce them into our bodies' systems is in liquid form.  The body absorbs them more readily and completely... up to 90%...WOW!

Liquid Nutrition is the key element.  Get informed!  Go organic in your own back yard!  Get Healthy! Visit Liquid Nutrition Plus often and keep learning... and please spread the word about us!

Have a great day!


Actual Blood Analysis
Alkaline=Positive Affect! 

Alkaline Your Body!
Using Fruits and Vegetables... for example you could use limes, lemons, blood grape fruits, green leafy vegetables, radish, sea-buckthorn (The best I have found), pomegranate and olive oil.

There are many more amazing alkalizing and tasty supplements that God has given to us to use through nature.

Some tout using baking soda sparingly ...
Baking soda does not kill Fungi, you can try it yourself. It just alkalizes the body and body itself becomes capable of killing fungi. (When using baking soda, use capsules so that you do not dilute your stomach acid allowing bad bacteria and fungi to negatively affect your digestion)

Alkalizing the body can be accomplished easily by just using natural foods as
described above.

The typical American breakfast is the culprit when it comes to acidity. The first meal of the day can compromise how you feel for the rest of the day.  Stay away from sweet store bought juices filled with who knows what.  Juice your own vegetables and fruits... you know what you getting and consuming.

Breakfast cereals, pancakes, sweet rolls, toast, waffles, maple syrup, oatmeal, coffee, muffins, even store bought orange juice etc... contain huge amounts of simple carbohydrates and high fructose corn syrup... and sugar! 

These elements cause over acidity of our blood and tissues. This causes a playing field for growth of bad bacteria, fungus and yeast.  The bad boys that destroy our cells and tissues.  Don't start the day with this obvious potential by promoting bad health.

Foods like bacon and eggs, eggs and sausage, and omelets etc. cause the same environment in our body.  They bring with them a high protein level which contributes to the highest degree of acidity and promote and cause to be delivered the exact scenario... their own mold, yeast, fungi and even parasites.

Each meal planned must be carefully considered.  We are what we eat, as the saying goes. 

Some suggestion if you are sincerely considering balancing your body to build an Alkaline environment.

Millet or brown basmati rice with fresh avocado and tomato slices. It tastes great and it will do the trick.  Nuts are great. Soak your almonds to soften them and try some sunflower seeds.  Flax seed oil is another good oil to add to your Alkaline diet.

Vegetable soup, especially of the super greens. Vegetable juices are extremely beneficial.  You will keep your blood sugar levels from soaring which causes an increase in blood insulin and becomes a burden on the pancreas.

We will address more healthy recipes and ideas in future articles.  Getting your Alkaline balance will make you feel young and vibrant. 

Alkaline your body and you will feel more energy and have a healthier system and enhanced well being.

Keeping your body balanced to the Alkaline side could also inhibit the growth and spread of fungus and bacteria.  Some researchers believe there is a link between cancer and fungus. 

We happen to embrace this type of approach and believe that there is actually a definite link between cancer and fungus and that an Alkaline balanced body will be a strong ally in the fight against cancer and fungus.

Earlier, we mentioned micotoxins. There is research which supports the theory that micotoxins could be the foundation that fungus and cancer build off of.  We believe that this will all come out in the near future with more scientific facts to support our belief.

Blender Recipes Vs. Smoothie Recipes

The Whole Food Nutrients captured from pure Blending, hands down beats just plain Juicing... We believe Blending has far more health benefits because Blending includes all the Fiber Content from live food contained in such foods as Organic Grown Fruits and Vegetables!

Juicing vs. Blending ... Blending offers much more!

Juicing vs. Blending Benefits...  Benefits of Liquid Nutrition Plus ...

Liquid Nutrition Plus

believes that liquid nutrition includes all natural liquid vitamins, minerals, juices, antioxidants,  and drinks... for health and longevity!

Vitamins, when properly produced, are nutritional supplements in water soluble emulsified form. This greatly increases the body's absorption rate by 3-5 times.

Improved absorption of vital nutrients with liquid nutritional supplements results in optimum health and well being, increased energy and less stress which helps with stress management. Liquid vitamins allow full and complete absorption of key nutrients.

Liquid Nutrition Plus encourages the avoidance of over the counter chewable tablets.    

Fiber Promotes Heart Health ... helps lower cholesterol.  Try to consume 32 grams per day.

Folic Acid ... great for heart health and it helps prevent cancer of the throat according to studies done in Italy.

L-Carnitine and Healthy Weight Loss... transports fatty acids to the cells to convert into energy.  Good for muscle tissue... like the heart muscle!

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids ... EFA’s are found only in foods like fish, nuts and Flaxseed.  These fats contribute to good brain function as well as keeping the heart healthy.

Pantothenic Acid-Vitamin B5... helps with energy production and breaks down Carbohydrates, fats and other proteins. 

Rhodiola Rosea and Physical Endurance ... increasing physical endurance, longevity, high altitude sickness, fatigue, depression, anemia, upset  stomach, and much more.

Stevia - Nature's Sweetener ... Stevia is so popular because it does not appear to have any calories, nor does it affect blood sugar levels like most natural sweeteners (like sugar or honey) and is a much better choice for diabetics as well.

Tyrosine Plays a Major Role in How the Body Uses Protein... this amino acid is a necessary element for our bodies to make natural skin pigment know as melanin   hormones known as dopamine and norepineprine which are both necessary for good brain function and our nervous system. 

Zinc & Echinacea...  Helps promote healthy immunity.  Zinc is an essential and vital mineral which the body cannot produce.  It is found in seafood, eggs, fish, poultry ... etc.   Vegetarians and Vegans are most likely to be deficient in the mineral zinc.

Supplements More Effective for Heartburn ... combinations of vitamins, amino acids, and melatonin was more effective for heartburn than a popular brand of over the counter heartburn relief.

Please stay informed and teach your children about Liquid Nutrition Plus
and all the benefits of
liquid nutrition.

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